Our Money-Back Guarantee

We guarantee a full refund of all money paid if you do not recover ALL your garnished money or protect your property from the bankruptcy trustee to the limit of your available homestead exemption.

In order to be eligible for the refund you must have followed all instructions provided in a timely manner and:

1) Ordered your homestead deed on this website and paid in full at least 10 days prior to any garnishment court date, bankruptcy hearing, or other applicable deadlines.

2) Properly completed the homestead deed including all property requiring protection.

3) Timely recorded the homestead deed with coversheet in the appropriate city or county.

4) In the case of a garnishment homestead deed, you must have filed and been granted an exemption hearing at least 7 days prior to the garnishment return date.

5) The homestead deed must accurately and fully describe the property and value that is to be “set apart” and protected.

6) The user must have available homestead protection to fully cover the property being protected.

7) This guarantee does not apply to any unprotected value which could not be recovered due to a limited homestead exemption availability.

8) The homestead deed must be accurately completed with no deficiencies.

9) The homestead deed must be properly recorded.  If the deed is not timely recorded this guarantee is void.

10) The user must be a resident of Virginia.

Recovery under this guarantee is limited to the amount paid by the user any cost or expense paid on this website. Applicant must provide documentation of filing, hearing results, etc.