What is A Virginia Homestead Deed?

A Homestead Deed in Virginia is a legal exemption under the Virginia Code that allows you to protect a small amount of equity in your home, cash, wages, or other personal property from garnishment.

In order to protect your property under the Homestead Exemption in Virginia you are required to file a valid Homestead Deed, such as the one you can order on this site,  with the appropriate Circuit Court in the correct format with the proper disclosure of information.  This website is designed to help you do that.

An individual can protect $5,000 of equity, cash value, or property value.  This is a once in a life time exemption.  Each time you record a homestead deed your available protection under the Homestead Exemption is reduced by the amount used.  An individual receives and additional $500 per dependent.  A senior citizen over 65-years-old and a veteran with  disability rating of 40 percent or more receive $10,000 of protection. 

The Virginia homestead exemption is a limit protect which renews every eight years.  In other words, the total protectable for an adult with no children filed on homesteads during an eight year period can not exceed $5,000.  

There are other exemptions that may apply to protecting your property.  Click this link to learn more about exemptions from a qualified attorney. 

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