Where To File Your Homestead Deed

Where To File Your Virginia Homestead Deed

Homestead Deed: Where to file it in Virginia?

Note: Please call your local Circuit Court office first to confirm instructions on where and how to file your Virginia Homestead Deed. The process varies slightly among the Circuit Court Land Record Offices.  If you order a homestead deed via the website the instructions are included in the purchase.

IMPORTANT: Where to File: The proper location to file your Virginia Homestead Deed is in the independent city or county land records office where you reside. If any real estate you own is located in a different independent city or county and you are trying to protect it with your homestead deed, you must also file an original in the land records of the city or county where the real estate is located.

With the purchase of your legally-compliant Homestead Deed you will receive instructions of the location or locations where the homestead deed needs to be filed in order to insure proper protection for your property. In addition, you will receive a recording coversheet which is required by many jurisdictions before a homestead deed can be filed.  

WARNING: There are many generic websites online offering homestead deeds.  Unfortunately, Virginia’s homestead deed legal requirements for the form and content are unique and strict.  Filing an invalid homestead deed form may result in the loss of the property you are trying to protect.