Prepare Your Bankruptcy Homestead Deed


If you have filed for bankruptcy without an attorney (pro se) you are advised that most bankruptcy filers need a homestead deed.  It is always advisable, but not required, to have an attorney to insure that you do not make a mistake that causes you to lose property or cost you money.  

Below are several documents you should have handy to prepare your Bankruptcy Homestead Deed and a general, although not comprehensive, list of things you should consider including in your Bankruptcy Homestead Deed.

Property to consider listing on your homestead Deed:

  •  Money in your bank accounts on day of your bankruptcy filing;
  • Funds garnished from wages or bank accounts;
  • Upcoming tax refunds;
  • Equity in any real estate you own;
  • Amount used in any and all previously filed homestead deed;
  • Money owed to you or potential future claims you may have;
  • Value in any other property not specifically protected any other Code of Virginia exemption. 

 If you are ready, let’s get started!

Fill out your Bankruptcy Homestead Deed first. Pay the $59.00 after!